1/3.6" Wide Angle Lenses

  • Wide angle Lens for 1/3.6’’ Image Sensor
  • Up to 3 Mega Pixels
  • M7/M12 Mount
  • 1.1mm to 1.5mm Focal Length
  • Up to 139 degrees HFoV

Products Details

1/3.6″ Series ultra Wide Angle Lenses are made for 1/3.6’’ or smaller image sensor such as OV9712-1D. The OV9712-1D incorporates advanced image processing functions, including exposure control, gain control, white balance, lens correction and defective pixel correction. It provides vivid imaging in virtually every lighting condition from bright daylight to nearly complete darkness. The main features of this sensor is high sensitivity for low-light operation, ultra low power and low cost. When used with OV9712, CH3747 provide a 142 degrees diagonal field of view. CH3747 is a M7 mount lens with TTL of mere 9.19mm. While CH365A features all glass design and large aperture. 1/3.6’’ wide angle lenses are Stability Ruggedized, protecting the lens from damage, while reducing pixel shift and maintaining optical pointing stability after shock and vibration. Each lens consists of several precision glass or plastic optics inside a compact housing. To minimize the amount of dangerous ultraviolet radiation that passes through, the glass and plastic optics are ultraviolet coated. UV curable coatings impart a variety of properties to polymeric surfaces, including glare reduction, wear or scratch resistance, anti-fogging, microbial resistance, chemical resistance. They can be used for dual sensor camera to increase coverage and minimize blind spots and are ideal for a variety of professional indoor/outdoor surveillance requirements and applications with challenging lighting conditions.   CHANCCTV has many wide angle lenses for 1/3.6'' sensors: 170 Wide Angle Lens M12 Mount 1/3.6" 2mm 1/3.6" M12 Lens 1.5mm 140 Degree Wide Angle M12 140 Degree Wide Angle Lens 1/3.6" 1.5mm 100 Degree M12 Wide Angle Lens 1/3.6" 1.5mm M12 Wide Angle Lens 1/3.6" 1.5mm 175 Degree M7 Lens Wide Angle 140 Degree 1/3.6" 1.1mm M8 Wide Angle Lens 1/3.6" 1.1mm 120 Degree

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